This proved to be a very difficult assignment for me. I realized after going through thousands of photos, that I tend to use either 35mm or 50mm focal lengths and rarely anything else.

I have a few questions regarding perspective. Is the level of compression determined by the focal length itself, or the actual distance from the subject. If I were to use a 50mm lens vs. an 85mm lens at the same distance, would there be a difference in compression, or would I need to match the composition by adjusting the distance in order to see the compression. Also, how does this translate with crop-sensors... like a 56mm acting like an 85mm on full-frame. Obviously the 56mm on crop (APS-C in this case) would force me to increase the distance from my subject in order to compose it, so in terms of compression does the increased distance make up for the fact that it's really only a 56mm lens? I can't seem to get a straight answer about this...

I think this lesson will be one that takes a long time to truly understand. When you see a scene where you want the subject in the foreground to be emphasized, you opt for a wider angle? And if you want the subject to be isolated as a result of focal planes and compression, you opt for longer lenses? Is it as simple as that? Am I complicating things unnecessarily?

So far I'm loving the assignments and very much appreciate the contributions to our field that you're making. It seems that as your popularity grows, more and more haters will come out of the woodwork, all I can say is that you are a treasured resource in the photography community whether you're aware or not. So thank you again sir!